Special Services

If you have any load bearing equipment it is likely to require examination. Newly installed equipment will require proof loading, whilst existing equipment needs thorough examination after any modification or repair. Please check our list below for equipment that requires load testing.

We test mobile cranes to verify the accuracy of the automatic load indicator, and lorry loading cranes for the functionality of the load limiting device. This is all included in our thorough examination. We can use test weights that you supply or our own calibrated load cells.

When we check the accuracy of weighing devices in mobile elevating work platforms and lifts, loose test weights are ideal. If you would like any test weights we can supply these, including water bags for larger weight requirements.

The security of eyebolts and other anchors will be tested using a calibrated Hydrajaws Tester.

Carrying out thorough examination is the main part of our inspection process. We realise how important this equipment is to you and the health and safety implications if something goes wrong. Using us to provide your testing will give you peace of mind, and assurance.