Power Press

As there are no statutory Regulations in the Channel Islands for Power Press, the Channel Islands Health and Safety would adopt the UK guidance (“HSG-236”) as best practice.

Power Press Examinations are referred to in the Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note 236 (“HSG-236”), which requires a power press to be “thoroughly examined” including the examination of internal/enclosed parts using various non-destructive techniques such as magnetic particle testing.

HSG 236 Thorough Examination
Power presses: maintenance and thorough examination (HSG 236) includes specific reference to the safety of power press electrical control circuits, including a requirement for up to date circuit diagrams.

A Power Press Examination is required:

  • Initially, on commissioning of the power press
  • Periodic examination, where additional testing may be required

This will require particular checks to be performed at the ‘initial’ thorough examination of a press and may also require additional testing to be performed at the ‘periodic’ examination and test.