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Andium Engineering will provide independent and impartial engineering inspection services to potential clients who use any kind of mechanical equipment within their business. These inspections, either Statutory or Non-Statutory inspections, will comply with the Health and Safety at Work Law, this will not only ensure equipment is in a safe condition to use but also compliant the local Health and Safety at Work legislation. This inspection could also be an insurance requirement.

Inspections will always be carried out by experienced individuals with a knowledge of the equipment. Our fully qualified and experienced engineer surveyors can thoroughly inspect a wide range of plant and ensure they are compliant with latest legislation.

Clients will be provided with appropriate certification and we will ensure the equipment is inspected at required frequency of examinations.

Other products such as witnessing of load testing, condition monitoring of plant, tagging of lifting tackle, site survey, non-destructive testing and other specialist engineering services can be carried out as a special service but are outside out normal inspection contract.

Whether an insurance broker or a business, we can work with both to provide examinations and follow up reporting, to ensure our clients meet their inspection requirements and maintain compliance. If you are unsure of what equipment needs to be tested, we can carry out a site visit and go through all the equipment you have and advise you which equipment needs statutory examinations.